Pakistan is blessed with fertile land and grows 8 per cent of the world's citrus fruits. Mainly fruits are grown in Punjab which is about 95% of national output..

Pakistan has many citrus varieties which are Kinnow, oranges, Red Blood, Mausami, Ruby Red , Jaffa , Fruiter, Malta, limes and lemons. Kinnow is popular amongst them which is about 60 per cent of total citrus production. It is famous being easy peeler, flavor. This variety has been obtained through the cross-breeding of two other varieties 'King' and 'Will Leaf'. 


The Season of Kinnow starts from November and extends normally upto April with the peak occurring in December and January. Sun Citrus production capacity is 120 m tons per day. In Pakistan the kinnow is grown totally under natural conditions which enhance the original flavour of the fruit and preserves its tastes

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